How to test whether it is real silk pajamas

Real silk has a soft luster, is light and soft, and has a drape. The luster of chemical fiber fabrics is not soft, but bright and dazzling. Silk fibers are slender and long, cotton fibers are short, and wool is curled. Chemical fibers have good uniformity.

Hand feel method: Silk feels soft, smooth and comfortable close to the skin. There will be wrinkles when placed, so there is a saying that "no wrinkles, no silk".

Silk has a burning feather smell when burning, is difficult to continue burning, and will extinguish itself. The ashes are fragile, brittle, fluffy, and black. When rayon (viscose fiber) burns, it has a burning paper mixed with chemical smell. It continues to burn very quickly. The ashes are gray except for those without light, and there is a small amount of gray-black gray in between. Cotton and polyester have a very weak sweet smell when burning, do not continue to burn directly or continue to burn slowly, and the ashes are hard and round, in the shape of beads. Cotton and linen both have the smell of burning paper, and the ashes are soft and black-gray. Wool is almost the same as silk when burning. The difference between the two can be seen by visual inspection.

Washing of silk pajamas: Silk clothing is made of protein-based delicate health fiber. It is not suitable to rub it on rough objects or use a washing machine when washing. The clothes should be soaked in cold water for 5-10 minutes, and gently rubbed with a special silk detergent, synthetic low-foaming washing powder or neutral soap. The colored silk clothing can be repeatedly rinsed in clean water.

Drying: Silk pajamas  should not be exposed to the sun after washing, and should not be dried in a dryer. Generally, they should be placed in a cool and ventilated place to dry. Because the ultraviolet rays in the sun can easily make silk fabrics yellow, fade, and age. Therefore, silk pajamas should not be twisted to remove water after washing. They should be gently shaken open, spread out with the reverse side facing outward, and ironed or shaken flat when they are 70% dry.

Ironing: The wrinkle resistance of silk pajamas is slightly worse than that of chemical fibers, so there is a saying that "no wrinkles are not real silk". If clothes are wrinkled after washing, they need to be ironed to be crisp, elegant, and beautiful. When ironing, dry the clothes until they are 70% dry, spray them with clean water evenly, wait for 3-5 minutes before ironing, and the ironing temperature should be controlled below 150°C. The iron should not directly touch the silk surface to avoid the formation of aurora.


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